Blog and Earn on Steemit!


Would you like to know how you can blog and earn on Steemit?

Steemit is a social media blogging platform combined with a cryptocurrency called Steem. Authors are rewarded by other users who upvote their posts.

Blog and Earn on Steemit!

The first step you have to take is to register for a free account, and then write an introduction about yourself as your first post. The post has to be tagged with “introduceyourself” and should be reasonably long. It is an opportunity to list your social media and website links as well.

This was my first post two months ago on my birthday.

Steemit intro post

There are a lot of people upvoting first posts and mine got nearly $20, you can read it here.

The following posts I made got less rewards, less than $1 and it is the same for most people.

The key is to build more followers, especially followers that are participating in upvoting and commenting, and followers with more Steem Power.

Several of my latest posts got around $7 just by doing that and of course writing quality and more frequent posts.

Steemit Michel Gerard

You may want to read my blog posts on Steemit here:

If you already have an audience online on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, it can be really easy for you to bring them onto Steemit to start earning from your blog posts.

It is what my friend Jerry Banfield has done and each of his posts gets at least $100, posting from one to five posts per day.

Steemit Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield is very enthusiastic about Steemit and has gained lots of followers: 9,950 to be exact.

JB Steemit followers

But you don’t need to have this number of followers to see good results, Jerry right from the start achieved excellent results with much less followers.

As you can see below, $1,669 for a SEO tutorial is not bad at all.

JB earlier posts

One of his post got $3,382, and the amount was used to promote Steemit with Facebook and YouTube ads. You can watch the video explaining the results of this crowdfunding operation here:

I believe that by now I get your interest and you must have a lot of questions on how this can be possible!

Instead of attempting to explain it myself, would you watch Jerry Banfield’s video below?

New Social Media Blogging Website Pays for Posts, Upvotes, and Comments!

This video tutorial will answer most of the questions you have about Steemit and how you can benefit from it.

New Social Media Blogging Website Pays for Posts, Upvotes, and Comments!

Published on Aug 7, 2017

Would you watch this video and join us at because this is the opportunity we have been looking for to get a return out of the time we spend online sharing our lives on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit with our posts, comments, and upvotes? Here are answers to the questions my friends and family asked when I invited them to join!

I hope that this blog post and the video have been useful for you. If you would like to learn more about Steemit with Jerry Banfield, you might want to check out The University of Jerry Banfield, which has several courses on the subject and take this course Earn Steem with Steemit! using a free coupon:

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