Blogging for Dummies and Grannies


Blogging for dummies, but also grannies:

In a previous post I explained how easy it is for children to blog. That is the same for seniors who are retired and in search of something to occupy their days. Some of them use their time gardening, reading, playing cards, or even worse watching debilitating TV programs… They could use their time blogging instead. Blogging for dummies is the same as blogging for grannies, it can be learned!

Blogging for dummies

At sixty or more, they certainly have a lot to say about what happened during their life and they would have people interested to read their stories. Most seniors know how to turn on a computer, connect to the Internet, send emails, read the news and use FaceBook. They do not need “Blogging for dummies” or grannies and can easily start a blog as a hobby, which later could turn into an additional income.

So, why not start blogging? I guess that they certainly get intimidated by technology and can’t figure out how to set-up a blog. That is quite a challenge indeed. But what if there were a solution? Blogging for dummies or grannies is not as hard as it seems and there is a system that is as easy asGmail or FaceBook to use. That’s the system I am using right now.

But more about this later…

Blogging for Dummies and Grannies

Some seniors may say that they did not have a life interesting enough to talk about. That can’t be true. They certainly have been experts in some fields. Everybody is an expert in something and blogging is an opportunity to be useful to others in exposing ones expertise in a particular field.

-> You know how to grow potatoes in your apartment? Blog about it.
-> You are a talented cook? Blog about your delicious recipes.
-> You know how to be a great grand-ma for your grand-kids? Blog about it.

For seniors that are isolated, blogging can also be a god way to interact with other people through comments. It can be a way to also get in touch with distant family or find lost friends.

Now, if you want to start blogging… I recommend you use the same system I use. This system is already set-up for you, and you can start your blog five minutes from now. This is true blogging for dummies, but also grannies.

blogging for dummies

Have a nice day!

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