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Boonthavorn vs Home Pro:

We are building a kitchen and bathroom at the back of our house in Bangkok and as we have  different equipment to buy, I can give my thoughts for Boonthavorn vs Home Pro.

logo_homeproI usually buy all home equipment in Home Pro especially electrical appliances. I almost bought everything at one of their stores: fridge, microwave, air conditioners…

I prefer to buy with Home Pro instead of another smaller store as there is a good customer service and the technicians sent for the installation are very competent.
For our current construction, we bought a set of King kitchen doors, a double Blanco sink and a Cristina bath-tube. It is important to note that rarely you can find all you want in the same Home Pro store as they are always out of stock o something. We bought the 3 items above in 3 different stores…

Today, we went to buy all the tiles at Home Pro Lam Luka and after spending nearly 2 hours, there were always something wrong. It took a long time for my wife and I to decide which kind and color for each room, and when you call the sale person, you are told that what you have chosen is out of stock or you can’t get the quantity you need. Very difficult to have a sale person to assist you and when they come they advise you to go to Boonthavorn. It’s what we did!

Link: Home Pro

Boonthavorn vs Home Pro.

Boonthavorn vs Home ProWhen you arrive in the tile department of Boonthavorn, it is another story. There is a huge quantity of tiles available to choose from, a sale person to follow you and note the reference and number of tiles chosen. Prices are noted per tile, and I think it is much easier to calculate what you need when you have different kind of tiles on the same wall. If you have unused boxes they will also take them back if it is within 15 days from the purchase date.

They had everything we have chosen in stock and all tiles will be delivered 2 days later. Ordering is a breeze and you can check with the sale person on the computer what you have to confim the order. That was a very nice buying experience in Boonthavorn and I really recommend them for tiles.

Link: Boonthavorn

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