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Free Email Marketing with Safelists:

Is Safelist marketing really working? After having played around with it for about two weeks I can say that Safelist marketing brings targeted traffic to my site. Safelists enable you to do free email marketing to a list of people who have agreed to receive emails from each over.

Having traffic for free is nice, but there is time to be spent in order to have it work. Safelist marketing can really make a difference in your free email marketing strategy if you are consistent and organized. If you are not, you will find yourself overwhelmed and discouraged.

In order to get organized and spend a minimum of time with Safelists everyday, I have joined an excellent free website called the “Directory of SafeLists” – Safelists Made Easy.

Free Email Marketing

Click the above image to go to the site.

I am going to show you how I use DOF in the next section.

Free Email Marketing: DOF

After you have signed-up for the Directory of SafeLists or DOF, you will be welcome by a first video that introduces you to the site. A second video will teach you how to get the most out of theDirectory Of Safelists and suggest that you use another very useful free tool. The third and last video shows you how to click for credits in a speedy way so you can be effective at earning your credits.

Free Email Marketing

The most important components of this tool are the “Safelist”, “Ads / Emails” and “Schedule”sections. They will really help you in your free email marketing efforts.

1. Safelists section

There are at the moment 28 Safelists in the directory that you can see listed below and that is enough to get you started. You will get access to Safelists that work and save the research time you would have spent by yourself.

Free Email Marketing

Each Safelist entry gives details on how many emails you can send and the frequency. It gives also an indication on the OTOs available at sign-up and the different upgrades with their costs.

Free Email Marketing

2. Ads / Emails section

This section is very useful for your free email marketing as you can save all your ads in one place. When it is time to use the Credit Mailer of your Safelists, you can refer to this section and just copy and paste. A great tool.

Free Email Marketing

3. Schedule section

This is the highlight of the Directory of SafeLists. In that section you will schedule your free email marketing. All Safelists are different, some allow you to email everyday, others every 3, 5 or 7 days. If you upgrade to one Safelist, its frequency might go from 7 days down to 3 days, and it is in this section you can manage this.

Free Email Marketing

After you have sent your email in one of the Safelist, what you have to do is to use the drop-down menu to indicate the subject of the ad and the next send, then click the “Update” button.

Free Email Marketing

Your next Sends will be scheduled and show in the “Send Now” section or the “Next 24 Hours”section. As you login to DOF you will know immediately what to do today, and what you will have to do the next day.

Free Email Marketing

If you want results for your free email marketing using Safelists, the Directory of SafeLists is the site to join.


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