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I came across this fantastic self-development library called: “Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes”. There is on the site an offer to download a free Note, which comes in a PDF and MP3 format. I chose to take “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki from the Wealth and Abundancecategory.

As the video shows above, the notes are a summary of books that would take you days to read. Of course, a summary is not like the real book, but if you have little time to devote in your life to reading, you can feed your mind with knowledge from a collection of very valuable books. You can read the note on your iPad or iPhone or listen to the audio version.

They have on the site 180 notes available in 5 categories:

  • Happiness and Positive Living
  • People Skills and Social Life
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Wealth and Abundance
  • Health and Fitness

They have 3 different packages and you can get the whole 180 notes for a very affordable price. You ought to yourself to get this, and I am saying that for the value I see in this library, I am not affiliated with them.

Read and listen to one note per day and you will have acquired immense knowledge in a very short time.

Get more info and your Free Note here.


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