Build your Online Presence Now with WordPress


Whatever business you are in, you absolutely need to build your online presence. Several years back, it was quite difficult and expensive to do that, but nowadays there are tools that can facilitate your online journey.

When I started more than ten years ago, there were two options: the do it yourself or pay big money to web development companies.

At the time, I had to learn everything from scratch and get used to Dreamweaver, which is the software of choice to “easily” make websites…

With trial and errors and lots of time, I was able to make my first website for my company and went on providing web services to clients. Nowadays, I rarely touch Dreamweaver, only to update old websites. Why? Just because there is a better option called WordPress.

WordPress is the platform of choice for blogs, and web content can be created easily by anyone who takes the time to learn how to work with it. Nevertheless, the learning curve is very fast compared to HTML web making with Dreamweaver. There are also lots of video courses available to teach you step by step what to do.

So, if you are a small business entrepreneur, start your website now and build your Internet presence. Businesses without a website are like companies without a Fax machine and phone numbers.

Almost everybody now search the Internet before purchasing goods and services, you need to be in the search results or die.

Build your Online Presence Now with WordPress

It is not necessary to have an eCommerce site at first, which is more complex to build, but a blog.

“A blog, I don’t want a blog, but a website…” you may think. Well, with WordPress, you can use a theme that will look like a website with static content to showcase your products and services. And then, you can create a blog section with informational articles about your niche.

You still need a blog anyways, because it builds your credibility, trust and rank better in search engines because they are updated regularly.

Seems like a lot of work? It is, when you start. When the ball is rolling, you only need to post an article on a weekly basis, and see your sales grow.

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