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Buy Targeted Traffic VS Free Traffic:

I had for along time used SEO to create traffic to my websites and it is always fine to do so if you are not in a hurry to see results immediately. Free traffic is a long term strategy and your onsite optimization and offsite link building can take a long time to be sustainable. I am doing differently now as I want immediate gratification: I buy targeted traffic.

I do not send this paid traffic to my main blog of website, but instead send it to a landing page or squeeze page designed to collect email addresses of people interested in what I have to offer, in exchange for free information, a video, a free report or something of value.

This is an example of a squeeze page:

Buy Targeted Traffic

Subscribers’ email address is then stored in a mailing system from which they can unsubscribe at any time. As I send them useful information by email with their permission, they become returning visitors to my main blog, which make the traffic even cheaper when I buy targeted traffic. And by the way, this does not work if what you email is SPAM messages with only sales pitches.

There are different types of paid traffic and the one to use really depends on the niche you are in, what you have to sell and your preference. Some people prefer Pay Per Click advertising, some others banner advertising. All traffic sources work well in general, but testing and tracking is necessary to see if it works for your niche. If it doesn’t, you can then stop and buy targeted traffic from another source as there are plenty of them. There are for example many PPC sources that you can use if you have been banned from Adwords, just because you were promoting an affiliate offer…

Buy Targeted Traffic: Paid-to-click Networks

Today, I’d like to let you know of a new source I have been trying and the results are excellent for my niche. It is a Paid-to-click Service where I pay to have short ads shown on their Network. People are paid to click on adverts and they have to view the landing page for a certain amount of time before a small amount of money is credited to them.

The advantage is that this traffic is very cheap and their members are all interested to make money online, because it’s what they are doing for clicking ads and viewing pages. For each campaign I get leads and these are super targeted because they are required to click and view pages, but not required to opt-in in a capture page. This means they are genuinely interested.

There are different prices when you buy targeted traffic of this kind depending on how long your page has to be viewed. For 1,000 visits I pay $1.52 and get minimum 3 leads. My average cost per lead is now $0.47, which is excellent considering that other sources are at around $1 per lead. The disadvantage of this kind of Network is that the traffic is mainly International, but it is not an issue if your offer works Internationally.

After a campaign is started the traffic is pouring very fast. I received 5,000 visitors to my landing page in 19 minutes which means that I got about 4.4 views per second. There are also free exposures that start being displayed 10 minutes after the end of the campaign, which is a plus. During my first campaign I didn’t know it was going to be so fast and I crashed my server. If you are going to buy targeted traffic in Paid-to-click Networks, make sure your server can handle it.

Look at this traffic:

Buy Targeted Traffic

Buy Targeted Traffic

In order to buy targeted traffic that works you will have to try the source with small campaigns, track and test.

Good luck!

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