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Empire Avenue:

I have joined Empire Avenue 4 days ago and I really recommend anyone serious about their Social Media marketing to join right away. As it is noted on their Home Page: Empire Avenue combines social media analysis, social games and networking tools to help you to drive network engagement.

Empire Avenue

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When you join Empire Avenue you will be first a bit overwhelmed by all the tabs and links that are waiting for you to click on without knowing what to do and where to start. Immediately you will see people investing in you and a lot of activities in the site as soon as you complete your short profile and bio. The next step will be to connect all your Social Networks and Blogs to the system, which will bring more people buying shares in you.

Empire AvenueOn this image you can see that my personal profile is completed with  a short Bio containing links to my blog and a landing page in the visible section. Users can read my full biography in a pop-up when they click a “more” link.

I have also connected all the networks I am using and you can see how they are noted in a scale of 0 to 100. The question marks mean that the system is still evaluating my social interaction in the social network. The first icon shows my interaction in Empire Avenue. As you can see my scores are still low as I am a new face in the system, but this will take off eventually.

Join me on Empire Avenue: CLICK HERE

Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a game where you play the Social Stock Market to increase your Reputation, earn Virtual Currency and Network with the world’s top social media profiles.

The game consists in investing in other people hoping their share price will raise and earn you dividends in the virtual currency “Eaves“.

You can see on this image my portfolio value after just 4 days playing. The Green indicates that my value is raising, which is good. 103 people have invested shares in me from 1 to 200 shares. My share price started at the minimum and is now 33.71 per eave.

As people invest in buying your shares, you have to buy other people’s shares in order to advance in the game. The tactic is to buy shares when they are priced low in promising users that have just arrived. You still can resell them later if they do not perform or after the price has jumped making you a good profit.

Empire Avenue

I personally only view the profiles of people who have a photo of themselves and I read their biography to see if the person has the same interests I have. I look at the number of Social Networks they are connected to. If there are many, this means that the user is not a newbie with social media and will probably be active.

In the image below you can see my portfolio page with a graph showing my portfolio value and the list of people I have invested in with details on their share value and the tendance. If it is green, all is good.

Empire Avenue

One of my strategy was not only to invest in newbies, but also in very influential people that are very active. The price per share is very expensive as you can see 538 and 945 “Eaves”, but the dividends paid are also higher.

What is the point of playing on Empire Avenue?

The point for a marketer is to complete and post missions that consist in engaging in social media activities. In the image below you can see the kind of actions that are asked and the amount you will be paid in “Eaves”.

Empire Avenue

After you have reached a share value of 30 “Eaves”, you will be able to post missions yourself paying with the virtual money you have available in your account. You can for example ask people to tweet or share your posts, Like them, view your videos on Youtube, etc…

Not only Empire Avenue can help you grow your social media influence, but it can also help you connect with people that may be interested in your products.

Join me on Empire Avenue: CLICK HERE

I hope this post will be useful and I will certainly post again about Empire Avenue as there is a lot to say.

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