Can Guest Blogging Still Help You Get Ranked?


Guest blogging is now the talk of the town since Matt Cutts said in a video and on his blog thatGuest blogging has been abused and that the Webspam team at Google will look into this.

Matt Cutts: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”

Read more about this – Watch 4 videos: Is Guest Blogging Dead?

I had an interesting interaction with someone on about a video explaining how guest blogging can help you rank your content on Google. See the page with the video here: How to Get a First Page Ranking on Google

In the video the author explains how a young guy got his blog on the first page of Google using Guest Blogging. That is a good technique but it has now to be done very carefully.

This is the comments I received from Blaine on my question: “Now that Matt Cutts has announced that links from Guest Blogging won’t be counted, I don’t think this method will continue to work long. What do you think?”

As Blain writes, it is obvious that spammy guest blogging will take a hit and there is an interesting article about this here.

You have now to be very careful on which sites you are guest blogging. They have to be reputable and trusted blogs by Google’s standards.

This means that a guest post on a low quality and spammy blog may take you down. Be also very careful of offers you receive by email from bloggers with multiple blogs that want to sell you a guest post.

Sample of prices I receive: 1 guest post $1755 guest posts $75010 guest posts $1,200.

Not only you have to pay this expensive fee, but you have to write the blog post! And guess what? After a time these blogs that accept payment for guest posts and links will soon be found and get penalized and you will be hit with them.

That is a service sold for SEO purpose, which means that you are trying to manipulate search engines results. The rich guy can buy lots of these, it is not based on quality or merit and Googledoesn’t like that. Remember what happened to article networks and the websites with back-links from them…

With this kind of money you are better off buying banner advertisement, PPC or have quality articles ghost written for you and posted on your own blog!

Thanks for your input Blain!

On the contrary if you guest post on quality blogs that accept your post based on quality and what it can offer to their readers, you will be rewarded. Not in term of SEO and link juice, but in term of exposure to a new audience, comment interaction and shares on social media.

This activity is what will make you rank higher in the search engines.

Happy guest blogging!

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