Can you Really Make Money Blogging?


As more and more people are looking for ways to improve their lives in today’s broken economy, many turn to the Internet for solutions. There are many ways to make money online, so many I should say that it is difficult for the new comer to identify the good from the bad. Blogging seems appealing for lots of people, but can you really make money blogging?

18 months blogging

I came across a blog from a man who decided to change his life and went in a foreign country with his wife for a sabbatical year. Corbett Barr started his first blog then and along the way learned the ropes of blogging, affiliate marketing and product creation. He did not make much money at the start, but finally achieved a six figures after 18 months.

Can you Really Make Money Blogging?

I recommend you to download and read Corbett Barr‘s free eBook. It is inspiring and you will see that with work and tenacity it is possible to make money blogging.

18 MONTHS, 2 BLOGS, SIX FIGURES by Corbett Barr

How I built a six-figure online business in a year-and-a-half
Full income estimates for my independent business in 2010-2011
How I made $11,000 in 72 hours with my first product launch
How to build an audience big enough to earn a living from
The reality of life as a location independent “solopreneur”
The simple breakthrough that can lead to rapid succes

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Can you really make money blogging even if you are not a writer?

It is not necessary to be a best seller author to start blogging. Anyone can do it in his mother tongue or in a second language as I am doing now. Your first post will not be perfect and that is normal. As you are going on with your posts you will find it easier and you will start to love it.

If you have tried to make money online before and failed, I can show you, if you follow me how to blog and how to make residual money from it.


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