Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis


Pope Francis:

Just learned that we have a new pope. As many people, I was expecting a younger pope, maybe from African origins… The church is not ready for this yet, and instead they chose Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from the Americas who will be called Pope Francis.

Published on Mar 13, 2013

Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected the new pope on March 13, has chosen the papal name Francis, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. The 76-year-old reportedly got the second-most votes after Joseph Ratzinger in the 2005 papal election. Initially trained as a chemist, Bergoglio taught literature, psychology, philosophy and theology before taking over as Buenos Aires archbishop in 1998.

Pope Francis

CNN’s Hada Messia reported about Pope Francis from Rome and Laura Smith-Spark wrote and reported in London.

Rome (CNN) – The new pope gave an insight into his choice of the name Francis in an audience with journalists Saturday — his first meeting with the media since he was chosen as leader of the Roman Catholic Church three days ago.

Francis, who before he became pope was known as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, said a fellow cardinal from Brazil had told him “don’t forget the poor” as the votes stacked up in his favor.

This thought stuck in his mind, Francis said, as it became clear that he had won the two-thirds majority that meant he was the new pontiff.

“Right away, with regard to the poor, I thought of St. Francis of Assisi, then I thought of war,” he told the assembled journalists. “Francis loved peace and that is how the name came to me.”

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