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Behind the scene of an eCommerce Site

eCommerce site: More than a web presence is necessary for an eCommerce site. Hosting and a domain name is just the start to build a shop online. You need stock, which means space… and it can be a lot of space. Then, you need the shelves to store your products… and then, there is the Read More →

Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

Mobile Ready: Is Your Business Mobile Ready? Do you have a mobile website for your business? A website that was constructed for the web is unfortunately not optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as the iPhone. If you have a website for your company, try to view it on a smart phone. The website Read More →

New shelves for eCommerce business

eCommerce business: My wife started an eCommerce business 2 years ago. The website sells baby, toddler and young children clothes for the Thai market. The goods come from China and she is able to offer the clothes for a very affordable price to her customers. She started with a small investment, the clothes were stocked under Read More →

Does your business have a mobile website?

Websites are created to show on computers and most of the time display improperly on mobile devices. Even if the website seems to fit the mobile screen, the end user still has trouble reading the information, which is too small, and clicking on text links or buttons that were not designed to be used by Read More →