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Math prodigy proud of his autism

The autism spectrum is very large and each autist child is different. They all have a problem with social interaction and seem to be locked in their own world. This can change when therapies like occupational therapy, ABA therapy and speech therapy are used at an early age. * Click on the image to watch the video on Read More →

Best Christmas Light Shows

Watch this video on YouTube Here in Thailand, we don’t really have a Christmas atmosphere. There are Christmas decorations inside and outside department stores, a few families have Christmas trees and lights. As I watch Youtube videos to get in the mood I came across Christmas Light Shows that are excellent. In fact I haven’t seen Read More →

Merry Christmas – 68 Christmas Songs

3 Hour Medley of Christmas SongsWatch this video on YouTube I would like in this blog post to thank all of you my dear readers and subscribers for your interest in my blog and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. For your entertainment during this period of festivities, this is a 3 hour long collection of 68 Christmas Read More →

The Boy With The Incredible Brain

The Boy With The Incredible BrainWatch this video on YouTube Interesting documentary about savants and the story of Daniel Tammet who has extraordinary mental abilities. All what he sees in his head are numbers and he can do calculations to 100 decimal places. In fact he doesn’t think the answer of the Maths poblems, but sees it in Read More →

275,000 Dominoes – Enjoy Your Life

Do you like dominoes? This is a Guinness World Record of the most dominoes toppled in a spiral. I just can’t imagine the amount of work and hours spent in building this giant domino image to see all dominoes falling in a few minutes. 275000 Dominoes were used in this presentation. 275,000 Dominoes – Enjoy Your Life Read More →