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The Chippendoubles – Britain’s Got Talent

The Chippendoubles – Britain's Got Talent 2010 – Auditions Week 4Watch this video on YouTube This Saturday I have been very busy all day going to different places for things I needed to be done. Bangkok traffic is terrible in some areas and instead of taking a couple of hours, it took most of the day. Wondering Read More →

Sunday Entertainment with Got Talent!

Sunday should not be a day for work, but entertainment! Today, I am going to show you a few videos of the famous show “Got Talent” that involve dancing and other amazing acts. I am sure you haven’t seen what you are about to see. Enjoy! Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix – Style Martial Read More →

You’ve Got Talent!

You’ve Got Talent! … and you don’t even know it: Every person on this earth has some kind of gift or talent. The problem is that most of us don’t know what it is or if we know what it is we don’t share with others. Low self-esteem, timidity, fear of being rejected is often Read More →

Famous French Songs Play List

Famous French Songs: According to Google there are 2,900 searches for the term famous french songs and 12,000 searches containing the term french songs per month. As the search is done in English I can see that there are non french natives interested in listening to our popular music and singers. So I decided to write a blog Read More →

Amazing Electric City Car

Electric City Car: As I was surfing Youtube for videos about electric cars I came across this amazing electric city car: Renault Twizy. It seems to be like a very fun car to drive in the city if you are alone. This small car with an amazing design is all electric, does not pollute, is easy Read More →