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Should You Create a FaceBook Group?

A FaceBook group is a way for FaceBook users to get together in one place around a specific interest where everyone can interact. A FaceBook group can be for business or non-business related matters. Let’s talk today about non-business related groups. You may want for example create a FaceBook group for your family so everyone Read More →

What Should you Post on your FaceBook Profile?

Are you using your FaceBook profile to promote your online business? If you do, what kind of content should you post on your FaceBook profile? There is content you should post, but there is also content you should not post on your wall. What content can you post on your FaceBook profile? Basically, never post Read More →

Should you Use a FaceBook Profile or a Fan page for Marketing?

If you are using FaceBook for marketing you may wonder how you can do to have people friend, follow or like you. The first step is to decide if you are going to use a FaceBook profile or a FaceBook page for marketing. Click here to become a Friend Should you Use a FaceBook Profile Read More →

Promote your Blog Posts to Targeted FaceBook Groups

Do you know that there is a simple way you can promote your blog posts to an audience that will love what you write whatever the topic? The secret  is to promote to the correct audience… if you have an article about sport cars, you are not going to promote the posts to women, are Read More →

Have you Had Success with FaceBook Ads?

FaceBook ads are a very cost effective way to generate traffic to your offers and get a good ROI. The problem is that it takes some time to learn how to set your ads, budget and bids to maximize the higher profit as possible. Success with FaceBook Ads In the video above, Charles Kirkland, an Read More →