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FaceBook is becoming greedy!

Nowadays, all big companies have a FaceBook page. Small entrepreneurs also have a FaceBookpage to promote their business thinking that their content is safe and that it will reach lots of people… not anymore. FaceBook is becoming greedy and as they have recently changed their algorithm for FB pages, less and less posts are showing Read More →

What is Social Media for Business

Social Media for business: In my previous post I wrote about social media sites and how they can be very addictive. Today, I’d like to share with you how social media for business can be very useful for your online or offline enterprise. Almost every large corporate has nowadays a FaceBook page and a Twitter Read More →

How to Embed your FaceBook Posts in Your Webpages

Embed your FaceBook Posts in your blog: Today I discovered a nice feature in FaceBook that few people know about. Usually we post a story on our blog or website and then share it to social media sites like FaceBook. What about doing the opposite? Share your FaceBook posts in your blog posts. This is Read More →

I Just Did a FaceBook Experiment…

FaceBook Experiment: FaceBook is a great platform to market your business. As I was searching for some Youtube videos to post on my FaceBook timeline for my friends to see and share, I decided to do something funny. I wanted to see how many people would click a link in my description above the video. Read More →

How to use FaceBook Notes

FaceBook Notes: Facebook notes are not very known by the majority of FaceBook users and is underused by most of Internet Marketers. FB notes are specific pages, which contain more content than a regular post, that can be created in your FB profile or FB pages. When you publish a note, a post is automatically Read More →