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King Kitchen Cupboards Hung Today

Kitchen Cupboards: In January we started an extension at the back of the house to build a new modern kitchen. Construction work of the kitchen with a bathroom took two months. Then we had to leave the house for our well deserved vacation in France. The kitchen was almost completed with all its lower kitchen Read More →

Dealing with my Cat Allergies

Cat Allergies: Today, I am leaving my father’s home in Châtel-Guyon to travel to Lyon by train before returning to Bangkok on the 8th May. Each time I visit him, it is a bit of a challenge for me as he has 2 cats and one dog, and I have cat allergies. I didn’t bring Read More →

Touring the French Alps

French Alps: Today we are leaving Châtel-Guyon for a discovery week. We are first going to Lyon to visit an aunt and then to Viviers-Du-Lac for our first night. The whole trip is 1,000 kilometers, staying in a different hotel along the way each night. While driving in the French Alps I recall a dramatic Read More →

Le Bournet – Chatel Guyon

Chatel Guyon: When my father retired he moved to a small village called “Le Bournet” in Chatel Guyon located in Auvergne province. The place is in a mountainous area and is very quiet. Below is a bird view of the place where we are staying for this 2013 trip to France. The weather here in Read More →

Nakhon Phanom – Wat Phrathat Phanom

Nakhon Phanom: This was our second day in Nakhon Phanom and we went to Wat Phrathat Phanom Temple. We left the Hotel just after breakfast and got a ride in a Tuk-Tuk to the Bus Station where mini-vans going to the Temple depart. This was the first time Christina (with the hat) got in one Read More →