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Family Trip to Nakhon Phanom

Nakhon Phanom: Today is a special day for my parents in law and a 10 years old nephew who are flying for the first time of their lives. We are 6 persons to travel to Nakhon Phanom, Northeast Thailand: my wife and I, our daughter Christina, our parents and a nephew. That is also the first Read More →

House Remodeling: New Kitchen and Bathroom

House Remodeling: On the 21st January 2013, construction workers arrived home for a house remodeling. Two months later, after working nearly non stop, they are finishing the construction of a new bathroom and kitchen at the back of our house. It was supposed to last only a month, which was a bit under estimated. Now Read More →

My new Mercedes Benz 190E

Mercedes Benz 190E: Today is a special day for me as I bought a new second-hand car. I was planning to buy a car sometimes this year, but when I saw this one for sale at my regular garage where I go for car maintenance, I immediately liked the car. It is a Mercedes Benz Read More →

Child Car Seat Safety for Christina

Child car seat safety: I take my child’s safety very seriously when traveling in a car.   My daughter Christina has been trained since birth to travel in a rear-facing car seat. As some parents have difficulty to have their little one sit in their child car seat, we do not have any issues. When it is Read More →

Christina got her shot at the BNH Hospital Today!

BNH Hospital: This morning we went to the BNH Hospital for my daughter’s regular visit and immunization shot. She is 30 months. The hospital is located 40 kms from our place in Bangkok and is not really cheap, but it is a good hospital. After my daughter Christina was born, in Chulalongkorn Hospital, it was Read More →