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About Empower Network’s blogging system – 30 days traffic results

About Empower Network: I have been blogging for a while everyday on my Empower Network blog. I have 46 posts on different topics that were published one a day. I set-up the Google Analytics account for the blog a month ago, so I can show only the 31 st last days of stats. The site has Read More →

Black people look younger, like 1/3 of their age!

Look Younger Do black people look younger than caucasians? It seems that the guys in this video confirm this. I swear black people look like 1/3 of their age, my dad looked like he wad 50 when he was 28. How can she have an 18 year old son? Did you have him when you Read More →

Upgrading to the Inner Circle – Empower Network

I have just upgraded to the Inner Circle in the Empower Network and I don’t regret it. The amount of Audios there is huge and it will take some time before I actually listen to them all. As Dave & Dave explained in their videos, it is necessary to fill our mind with useful content Read More →

How this 19 years old retired in Thailand?

This is amazing what people can do to succeed when they have the drive to do so. Dakota lives in Thailand, like I do. He is very successful at the young age of 19! Congratulations Dakota!   If you are not signed-up to the Empower Network yet, CLICK HERE

Just signed up and ready to go!

Hi everyone, My name is Michel Gerard and I am starting this new venture in the Empower Network.   Empower Network I can say that I was skeptical at first and even if I saw many times in the past months a squeeze page or blog  by a EM Network member, I didn’t really check Read More →