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Is Reincarnation Real?

Is Reincarnation Real or a Myth? There are many stories of young children of two or three years old having memories that don’t belong to them. At such a young age there is no way that they could have known so much details about their past lives. This is interesting and disturbing at the same Read More →

Are Psychics Real or Scam Artists?

Are Psychics Real? There are many legitimate stories of mediums helping law enforcement solve murder or disappearance cases, or giving some peace to families who have lost someone. There are also bad apples who take advantage of others claiming they have abilities they do not have. You may ask yourself this question Are Psychics Real? Read More →

Sunday Entertainment with Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids show: That is the first time I watch a show with psychic kids and they are excellent. Nick and Anissa have some kind of coach to accompany them when investigating a place with paranormal activity. What they feel and see confirm the suspected paranormal activity. They are scared sometimes, but they learn to Read More →

Lisa Williams Medium – Tyler’s Apartment

Lisa Williams Medium: Lisa Williams Medium, my favorite psychic, is visiting Tyler’s apartment where strange things have been happening. Lisa sits down with Tyler who explains that the apartment has been empty for 17 years before he moved in 4 years ago. The postman at the time told him: “Oh, you are moving in the Read More →

Medium Lisa Williams Live

Lisa Williams: This Sunday, a little entertainment with this amazing video about Lisa Williams‘ public reading. Lisa Williams is my favorite psychic, what she says moves me it will you too! If you think there is nothing after death, think twice. And don’t forget your Kleenex while watching. Lisa Williams Psychic Medium Lisa Williams 2013 Read More →