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The Importance of Staying Positive!

The video I would like to share with you today is about the importance of staying positive. What you believe determines what you make true. If you have been told when a child that you will never be wealthy because you are from a poor family, or that you can’t become a doctor, a lawyer Read More →

The Power of Subconscious Mind Explained

Power of Subconscious Mind Power Techniques SHOCKING Programming Explained thoughts ebook pdfWatch this video on YouTube In this video Gregg Braden explains how thoughts, feelings and emotions can make your physical reality and even heal your body. I like what is explained in this video and if you believe that our mind can do much Read More →

Six Mindset & Self-Development Books I Recommend

If you are an entrepreneur like I am who wants to improve in life and business, you must read books that will help you get the proper mindset to achieve your goals. In the last past year and a half I have read 24 mindset & self-development books that have helped me progress in my Read More →

Six of my Seven Chakras are closed!

I have an interest in everything that is energy and the power of the mind. Recently, I had myChakras checked by a Reiki master and learned that I have six out of seven chakras closed… The seven Chakras are: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Six of my Seven Chakras are closed! These Read More →

Can you Save $10 a Day?

Watch this video on YouTube In this video David Bach explains about finance and how you can have a substantial amount of money available for you after several years if you only save $10 a day. Unfortunately, we are not taught finance in school and the experts you consult may make it too difficult for Read More →