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Jerry Banfield’s Free SEO Course for 2019!

Free SEO Course by Jerry Banfield

Would you like to learn how to master SEO and see traffic pouring on your website or YouTube channel, then this free SEO course by Jerry Banfield may just be what you need? With seven plus years of experience with SEO, Jerry Banfield is sharing with us what has worked for him to get traffic to Read More →

Speed Up WordPress – SEO Optimization

Michel Gerard's Books

SEO optimization is not only about keywords and back-links. It is also about speed. If you speed up WordPress, Google ranks you higher in its results. Very few bloggers take this seriously, but if they check their speed score they will be shocked. Don’t be like them and speed up WordPress to improve your SEO today. Read More →

WordPress Optimization Made Easy

WordPress Optimization Made Easy

I wanted to do that for a long time, but wasn’t sure if I could go through with the project… It’s now done “WordPress Optimization Made Easy” ~ Rank Your Blog Higher And Faster With Five Easy To Implement Optimization Technics ~ is now available in the kindle store on You can get it Read More →

Meta Keywords: Should you still use them?

Do you remember the time when Meta Keywords were the most important things to have on your website and blog? Having as many keywords as possible on the page and in the meta keywords tag was how SEO used to be. This has passed quite a long time ago… so, should you still use meta Read More →

WordPress Ping List to Optimize Your Blog

WordPress ping list

Each time that you publish a new blog post, the URL is pinged to ping services to let the world wide web know that new content has just been published. By default WordPress has only one service listed for pinging, which is We can do much better than that and this is below the Read More →