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Where to find a USB Blue Microphone in Bangkok

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for a decent USB microphone to plug into your Mac or PC. I have been searching for a month a reseller of the well-known Blue microphones in Bangkok and finally a surprise was waiting for me last evening… I chose at first the Snow Flake Read More →

Cute Cool Kids Shop ~ Grand Opening on June 01, 2014.

It all started 3 years ago with an eCommerce site and a couple of metallic storage shelves in the house filled with a first batch of products. It is now not only a very successful eCommerce site, but also a real walk-in shop located at the Big C SaiMai in Bangkok, Thailand. Cute Cool Kids Read More →

Acupuncture Treatment at the Thai Nakarin Hospital

I have been struggling for a month with a pain in the neck, left shoulder, arm and hand with numbness in the thumb probably due to my time spent at the computer. I decided then to get anacupuncture treatment at the Thai Nakarin Hospital in Bangkok. photo credit: Megan Mallen via photopin cc Before the acupuncture treatment, I Read More →

Thai Chinese New Year!

Here in Thailand, as everywhere in the world, we are celebrating Chinese New Year or theSpring Festival as it is called in China. This is the longest festival in the chinese calendar, it starts on the last day of the lunar year and ends on the fifteenth day of the next lunar year, which marks Read More →

Looking for Bangkok Dental Clinics?

Do you know anyone who is happy to go to the dentist office? Seems that the only person happy is the dentist himself… Thursday evening I broke half of a tooth and unfortunately I had to pay my good friend the dentist a visit today. I live in Thailand and hopefully there are lots of good Bangkok dental clinics. Read More →