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Extraterrestrial Secrets of the Vatican

The Vaticans Extraterrestrial Secrets & the AntichristWatch this video on YouTube Is the Vatican hiding extraterrestrial secrets? Many works of art of the past depict religious scenes with flying objects in the background. The vatican has its own astronomy laboratories and members of the church admit that it’s possible life has evolved on other planets. Read More →

The Scole Experiments – Afterlife Investigations

THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS: The Scole Experiments – FEATUREWatch this video on YouTube This documentary is a compilation of afterlife experiments made by the Scole Experiments group over a period of 5 years and investigated by an independent team of scientists. If you are a believer of the paranormal you will love this film and if Read More →

Is the Moon Inhabited?

The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary)Watch this video on YouTube There are many videos on the Net showing evidence that there are things happening on the surface of the moon. There are flying objects moving around, craters with lights, bridges, tracks, constructions and testimonies of astronauts and astrologists that all these Read More →

Forbidden Archeology Documentary

FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY: Secret Discoveries of Early Man – FEATUREWatch this video on YouTube This documentary will challenge what you have learned about the origin and evolution of Man. It appears that lots of very ancient artifacts have been discovered and quietly disregarded by archeologists not to upset history as we know it today. Man is Read More →

Out of the Blue UFOs documentary

UFOs OUT OF THE BLUE – HD FEATURE FILMWatch this video on YouTube “Out of the Blue” is a UFOs documentary that you must watch if you are a UFO enthusiast or just curious about the UFO phenomena. This documentary film contains very credible interviews by high ranking military officers and scientists: Governor Fife Symington Astronaut Read More →