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When Ghosts Attack ~ There’s No Place Like Hell

Watch this video on YouTube I was surfing on Youtube for a video that would entertain me, when I found one that had the mention “Watch at your own risk! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED”. What is that? I thought…“When Ghosts Attack” stories. Well, it’s going to change me of the Alien abduction and UFO stories Read More →

Alien Encounters – Are they real?

Watch this video on YouTube Are these alien encounters real or only the imagination of deranged minds? This documentary shows 2 interviews of abductees, Whitley Strieber and Audrey Hewins, who don’t look insane at all. They have been abducted several times and have chunks of memories about the events. As they were searching for answers, hypnosis revealed Read More →

Crop Circles Identified as Cosmic Code

THE SECRET CODE OF UFO / ET CROP CIRCLES – THE COSMIC CODEWatch this video on YouTube This documentary is the best of all I have ever seen on crop circles. If you think that these complicated mathematical shapes are hoaxes made by men… you are wrong! Must watch… Source: UFOTVstudios Published on Nov 20, 2013 (90 Read More →

United Kingdom UFO Hysteria

Britain's UFO Storm – UFO Hunters HDWatch this video on YouTube It seems that the United Kingdom have their share of UFO sightings and also cover-ups! A Police helicopter was almost hit by a UFO, it then chased the UFO for a while making headlines. Officials who agreed to give a testimony of what they saw that night changed their Read More →

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version 2013 HDWatch this video on YouTube This is another very interesting documentary I just watched made by Disney nearly 20 years ago to promote their new “Aliens Encounters” attraction. This documentary is very rare and you got to see an uncut version. (From Youtube Description) This documentary Read More →