Causes of Autism – experts answer in this video


Causes of Autism:

According to these experts there is not only one cause for autism, but a variety of causes of Autismwith different types from mild to severe.

How close are we to discover the causes of autism?

Dr. Gerald Fishback says that we are much closer than where we were five years ago. There has been a tremendous amount of new information and discoveries, but with any disorder as complicated as autism, I am reluctant to say how close.

The rise in the number of reported autism cases has caused a surge in research to find the causes. Robert MacNeil speaks with four leading researchers: Dr. Gerald Fischbach of the Simons Foundation, Dr. David Amaral of the MIND Institute, Dr. Martha Herbert of Harvard University and Dr. Craig Newschaffer of Drexel University. It’s part three of the Autism Now series of reports.

Causes of autism: More information (Wikipedia)

Causes of Autism

I have been interested by autism since my daughter had some development delay at 12 months old. She has not been diagnosed with autism, but doctors believe that she is somewhere on the spectrum. As I read articles and watch videos, I see that she has some of the symtoms, but she is far from having severe autism as we commonly know.

Autism or not we immediately enrolled her for occupational therapy. She has greatly improved after 5 hours per week, but when we started her autism symptoms were: tip toeing, did not respond when called, seemed to be in her world, poor eye contact, language delay, liked to be alone.

Now at 2 years and a half, she is more responsive and a happy little girl. She is still occasionally tip toeing, she still likes to be alone but enjoys company too. She is making more eye contacts and responds when called if she is not too busy playing or learning things on the iPad.

She still has speech delay, but as she is a very shy child, I wonder if she does not speak because she just does not want to. She does not want to repeat words after us, but says them on her own while playing. She communicates well by gesture and makes us know what she wants.

She can count 1 to 10 in Thai and French, can read the alphabet in English… She sometimes says words in Thai or French, and seems to understand commands in both languages… She is very vocal and sings in a language of her own.

Is she autistic or a very shy child like I used to be?

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