Child Car Seat Safety for Christina


Child car seat safety:

I take my child’s safety very seriously when traveling in a car.


My daughter Christina has been trained since birth to travel in a rear-facing car seat. As some parents have difficulty to have their little one sit in their child car seat, we do not have any issues.child car seat safety

When it is time to take the car, she jumps without hesitation, into her seat waiting for the belts to be attached. She knows that we are going on a trip and this position is completely natural to her.

We have 2 cars and one child seat in each car. They are identical except that one is red and the other is pink. This certainly is not cheap to have two of them but safety comes first.

2 years ago when we went to France to visit my dad, family and friends, I bought an infant car seat on eBay from someone living close to where my dad lives. We used it one month, and as we are returning this year, I am looking to buy a larger one, as of course Christina is much bigger now.

The child car seat safety is also guarantee when attaching properly the seat to the car. Car seats are fixed differently on the car depending on the model, some have a base, some others don’t, some rotate and some don’t. It can be challenging to choose the correct seat for your child.

Child car seat safety

If you are considering buying a car seat for your child, watch this Youtube video about child car seat safety:

Safe car seats procedures from Dr. Beth Beth Ebel of Seattle Children’s Hospital. Learn how to use infant car seats. See how to install your rear-facing infant car seat and how to properly buckle the harness and shoulder straps to keep your baby safe in your automobile.

I hope this helps.

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