Choose your Online Money Making Program Wisely


I received today an email from a marketer inviting me to watch a video about an online money making program. As the email message was very well written, and because it is not the first time I have heard of this program, I followed the link to check it out.

The sale video is outstanding and really make you want to give it a try. The first entry cost is an affordable $49 to receive a step by step training and become an affiliate. There are several refund guarantees in place that makes it very attractive.

I am not going to say what online money making program it is because the purpose of this post is not to point fingers. It is just to tell you that you should do a bit of research before you join anything. After being hooked with the sale video, I googled the thing to see what the compensation plan looks like and what the affiliate earnings are. That was very difficult to find…

All the reviews are made by affiliates and do not give more information than the sale video, which is not very clear on some aspects. Basically, you know certain commission amounts you will be able to earn, but there is no clue on what products you will be selling and at what price.

I then found a post on the Warrior forum that gave more details by current customers and the online money making program’s owner himself. After reading the thread I knew more about the number of products you can sell and how the system works, but nothing about the compensation plan and prices.

I also discovered that the owner responds quite angrily at legitimate questions from prospects and current concerned customers calling them “morons” or “stupid”. I was a bit shocked to read the replies even though I understood the business model.

It might be a good program with some points that would need to be clarified in order to make it less misleading for buyers. The feedback provided by the forum’s members are gold and some improvement could be made to the program, but the owner’s attitude don’t look good and it seems the business is built on misunderstanding. People don’t understand what they are buying and getting into.

Why am I telling you this?

You should…

Choose your Online Money Making Program Wisely

This makes me feel very fortunate to be a member of the Empower Network and in the Big Idea Mastermind team. The entry product in Empower is the viral blogging system I use to write this post. It is priced at only $25 per month and you can make as many blogs as you want, posting from your computer, phone or tablet. That’s very clear what product and value customers are buying.

Empower Network Scam

I am no longer promoting the Empower Network 's products and business opportunity! Click here to know more.


There is a $19.95 fee if you choose to become an affiliate and resell the viral blogging system. This money is earned by the company to pay for development of the system, your own payment gateway and support. And you get 100% commission. This is also very clear.

The compensation plan can be found easily, and in addition, you can see the earning discloserupdated in real time so you and the affiliate you refer know exactly what to expect.

The culture and leadership in the Empower Network is like nowhere else and this makes you be not only in business, but feel empowered. The company has been created for the people and not the owners who are affiliates themselves.

You can start to earn money with Empower with a very little monthly budget.


You won’t regret…

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