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Speech Therapy For Toddlers:

This morning Christina, my nearly 3 years old daughter, got her first session of speech therapy for toddlers. We went to the Paidi Institute in Bangkok, which is at around 8 kilometers from our house. Christina has been going there for about 6 or 7 months for occupational therapy as she was behind the other children, and we were concerned about autism.

Speech Therapy For ToddlersWe can clearly see that the occupational therapy sessions have helped a lot in her development. She previously did not make eye contact and did not respond to her name, and had a sensory problem among other things. She was also in her own world. She is still behind her peers a bit, but now close to the norm. Children develop at different space and we are not worried.

My wife is Thai and I am French and we use the one parent one language method with in addition lots of English resources. Christina is then exposed to three different languages everyday.

This may slow down her speech progress. She understands French and Thai short commands, know her abc’s in English entirely (upper and lower case) and partially in French. She won’t talk even if she is very vocal in her own language!

Today, during the 30 minutes speech therapy for toddlers, the therapist identified 3 Thai words that she can say in the proper situation: ไป (go), ขอ (ask for) and เอา (get/have). What a good surprise, she lets go words with her therapist that she doesn’t say to us, her parents… Sessions will be every Saturday, and we may take another additional day during the week to speed progress.

Speech Therapy For Toddlers

This video on speech therapy for toddlers is quite funny:

Uploaded on Nov 11, 2007

A short video giving parents of toddlers a demonstration of an activity to promote speech development.

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A little over a year ago, I made one of the hardest phone calls — I called the pediatrician and asked for an appointment because I had concerns over my toddler’s speech. The next day, I sat in the pediatrician’s office with Harrison quietly zooming cars at my feet and I explained that he had completely regressed in speech…

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