Christina got her shot at the BNH Hospital Today!


BNH Hospital:

This morning we went to the BNH Hospital for my daughter’s regular visit and immunization shot. She is 30 months. The hospital is located 40 kms from our place in Bangkok and is not really cheap, but it is a good hospital.


After my daughter Christina was born, in Chulalongkorn Hospital, it was important for me to have her vaccinated in a hospital that provides a vaccination book in English. This was not an option in any government hospitals and some even did not have vaccination books in Thai…

When my older daughter Pantika was about to go studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in France a few years back, her vaccination records were not properly kept and this caused some issues.

She has been staying with her grandma in a small village in the northeast until she got 8, and keeping these records there was not what was considered essential. The other records from the vaccinations at school were in Thai and not very useful.

Planing for Christina to study abroad someday, I wanted to start keeping her medical records properly. When I researched private hospitals in Bangkok, I found out that many did not have any vaccination books in Thai or English to keep proper record. In fact, I found many pets hospitals that were providing vaccination books for dogs or cats… Seems that this is a cultural thing not to have proper documented vaccination records for children!

Only the BNH Hospital provides a bilingual Thai-English Health Immunization Record book, and that is the reason I chose them.

BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital

A Message from Dr.Dhun Damrongsak Hospital Director, BNH Hospital

Originating from the support of expatriates who came to trade and work in Siam during the reign of King Rama V, 112 years ago, BNH Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Thailand. It was established as a nursing home in 1898 under the Royal Permission and Patronage of King Rama V.

Since that time, it has become Thailand’s first private international hospital, warmly accepted by patrons throughout its long history. Experiencing both the special atmosphere of BNH, along with its unique services, inevitably results in an unforgettable impression.

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