Christina Spent her First Day in Kindergarten School


First day in Kindergarten School:

Christina spent her first day in Kindergarten school today. I guess she was excited to go as she was awake as early as 4 o’clock in the morning. Yesterday, she visited the school with her mother to see with the school administrators if she was ready. At 3 years old she is still in diapers, still needs a hand to feed her and says just a few words…

This was a concern for us, but not for the school administrators who accepted her registration. My wife and I visited the Kindergarten school a year ago as we were searching for the ideal school in terms of quality education. It was out of question to have her in a government school nor in a bilingual school where a class can reach 40 individuals with a single teacher.

We opted for an International school instead, which is reasonably priced and at a 20 minutes drive from home. The maximum of students per class is 10 and there is one teacher for English and one teacher for Thai in the classroom. We were glad to see that in KG1 they are only 5 students. 1 teacher for 2.5 students is an excellent ratio.

Kevalee International Kindergarten School

Kevalee started as an International Kindergarten school, but they expanded their curriculum up to Grade 12 in a new modern campus.

Kindergarten school

Kevalee International School was established in 1996 as a small international kindergarten school. Our services were later expanded to cover preparation of students seeking admission into other well-known international schools in Bangkok at any level.

As they say in their website, the environment is very good, their classes small and it seems that they are very caring. When researching them on the Internet we just couldn’t find a bad review. I am confident we have made the good choice to place our daughter there.

Situated in a peaceful suburb of Bangkok, Kevalee has attracted the attention of parents seeking a warm, caring atmosphere and student-centered small-sized classes. Kevalee has gradually grown to cater to international students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, helping them to acquire knowledge and skills essential for academic success.

I will certainly write updates about how Christina is doing at her new school and post photos.

First day in Kindergarten school for Christina… and a long way to go!

Kindergarten School’s website:

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