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Clairvoyant Reading:

Do you believe in Clairvoyant Reading? I used to be very skeptical of people claiming having clairvoyance abilities, but what you can see in many of these famous clairvoyants’ shows can be very disturbing. Often, the clairvoyant or medium doesn’t have a way to know certain things about a deceased. I am particularly stunned by Lisa Williams and really like to watch her shows on Youtube when she performs someone’s reading.

This clairvoyant reading stuff let us know that maybe there is a life after death in another form and that our lost love ones are still around to watch over us. I had many times experienced feelings of something soon to happen that actually happened. Is that coincidence or intuition? Or is it my angel guardian looking after me?

It is also very comforting to learn that most of these spirits or energies contacted seemed to be very happy where they are, and only disturbed by not being able to communicate with the livings. It seems that many of them manifest themselves in the form of insects like butterflies, bees or dragonflies… That’s fascinating.

Clairvoyant Reading

Lisa Williams ~ Medium on CNN Int'l - Psychic Touch

Lisa Willams the Clairvoyant, Medium intuitively reads a CNN producer.

Hope you enjoyed.

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