How to Create Ads Fast on Facebook, YouTube and Google AdWords!


Would you like to know how to create ads fast on Facebook, YouTube and Google AdWords? Maybe you are already using one of these advertising platforms, but what about trying the others and have a more complete advertising system to improve sales of your products and services?

In this blog post I’m going to talk about Jerry Banfield’s video tutorial that shows you how to create ads fast in all three platforms live with no edits and in only 40 minutes.

Create Ads Fast on Facebook, YouTube, and Google AdWords Today!

How to Create Ads Fast on Facebook, YouTube and Google AdWords!

Jerry Banfield has published courses about advertising on Facebook, YouTube and Google Adwords and when he films a tutorial on these topics, it is a must watch.

At the beginning of the tutorial Jerry explains that the offer you advertise is very important. He prefers to advertise free offers that gives value to the viewers of the ad right away, in the form of a blog post with a video, instead of a squeeze page or a sales page. In the video he shows us how he uses a video to advertise a post on his Steem blog at

Then you will learn about a strategy Jerry uses to get reimbursed for the ad budget, partnering with the Steem blockchain, which allows him to get funding from witness votes at to pay for the ads.

When you have your best offer ready, then it is time to think of the ads and this is in fact very easy. Jerry starts to show step by step how to create an ad in Facebook first using the Facebook Ads Manager, but an error forces him to use the Power Editor instead. Errors are frequent in Facebook and knowing a workaround is useful. Facebook ads are excellent for reaching the exact audience for your products and services.

Then, he explains in detail how to make a YouTube ad using Google AdWords for video, which you might think is difficult, but it’s not. You can target with keywords the people you want to see your ad. Advertising a video in YouTube is great because this helps in terms of SEO and a higher placement in YouTube search.

Finally, Jerry explains how to make an ad in Google AdWords for the Display Network, which will bring you the results you need for your offer. Google AdWords enables you to reach more people using keywords, people who are looking for something online that you may be able to help with your products and services.

Combining these three advertising platforms is very powerful because individually they all have their advantages and drawbacks.

I recommend to watch Jerry’s YouTube video, which will show you everything you need to know to not only make ads in 3 advertising platforms, but to make them fast.

Create Ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Google AdWords Today!

Create Ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Google AdWords Today!

 Published on Oct 30, 2017

Will you watch this Google AdWords and Facebook ads tutorial from 2017 because you will see exactly how to advertise on the Google display network, create ads on Facebook, and start advertising videos on YouTube combined with a strategy to get reimbursed for the ad budget?

This is Jerry Banfield’s Steemit blog:


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