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Authority blog:

Creating content is the best way to get Free traffic. In order for this strategy to work you have to create content everyday. Having an authority blog is for that effect the best solution.

The most difficult part is to get started. This might be intimidating for some, and you may be tempted to use a free blogging platform like Having your blog with them means that you will be assigned a sub-domain like, which does not give you authority and Alexa ranking. This is not the best solution and I have seen lots of bloggers move their blog after a while to their own domain. The consequence of this is that they lose their back-links and their ranking, it is like starting all over again.

Authority blog

authority blog

It is best to start on the right foot and I see 2 ways to go:

1. Your Own Authority Blog

You will need for this to register a domain name ($10 per year), buy hosting (starts at $8-10 per month) and install the free WordPress software. As you can see the investment is minimal and it is money well spent considering all the hard work you will put into developing your authority, creating content and building back-links.

If you are a beginner, the problem is that you will have to set-up your blog, chose and install your theme, install your plugins (the best are paid plugins), update and maintain the blog. It will also take a long time and lots of posts before you can see significant traffic, good ranking and gain authority, which will lead to sales. This second part is very challenging even for experienced WP users.

2. Borrowed Authority Blog

What if you could get immediate authority, see immediate traffic to your blog with minimal effort? There are good news… as this is possible in borrowing authority.

Have you noticed that there are community blogs on certain topics that you can join? For travelers there are community blogs ready for them to tell their stories, and as the community blog is all about traveling, you get immediate authority publishing on them. This can certainly jump start your author status on the Net and bring you much more traffic than being on your own.

See: Matador Network

Some of these authority blogs are free and some are paid, or have some kind of upgrade. The difference is mainly that if it’s free, they control the Ads space and can place their ads on your blog; in the contrary, if it is paid, you control the Ads space and can put or sale your Ads on your blog.

The blog I am writing this post is also a community blog with high authority as the Alexa ranking is around 500. It is geared to Internet entrepreneurs and it is not free, the cost is $25 per month, which is dirt cheap considering the benefits there are using it. It is also very easy to use with a special interface for beginners. I have blogged before and never had traffic so easily. If you are interested to publish on this same authority blog, you may get yours now: CLICK HERE

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