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You have probably heard about Bitcoin by now with all the news surrounding it reaching $3,000 per Bitcoin and then going up and down frequently. Now you may want to know how you can trade it with other altcoins in a cryptocurrency exchange.

There are on the Internet several websites where you can trade cryptocurrencies, and you can find an up-to-date list of cryptocurrency exchanges here: The Best Bitcoin Exchanges

Poloniex is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, but popularity comes with a downside, which is a site going very slow at times, and this has been a complaint by many users lately.

Another excellent option is to use Bittrex, which is based and fully regulated in the USA. Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial

As they say on their website:

“Bittrex is the go-to spot for traders who demand lightning fast trade execution, stable wallets, and industry-best security practices. Whether you are new to trading and cryptocurrencies, or a veteran to both, was created for you!”

If you are new to trading cryptocurrencies, it can be intimidating when using Bittrex for the first time and this is why I recommend that you watch Jerry Banfield’s tutorial about cryptocurrency exchange trading on Bittrex. I am sure that it is going to save you a lot of time and headaches going through the tutorial and practicing your first trades. Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin and 179 Altcoins!

If you don’t know how to trade Bitcoin with other altcoins on Bittrex, this video tutorial is a must watch as it will show you how to buy and sell cryptos on this exchange with very insightful explanations.

You may also want to read a transcription of this video with screenshots that is faster to read than the video and interact with Jerry Banfield on the post on Steemit: Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin + Steem + 179 Altcoins! Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin and 179 Altcoins!

Published on May 18, 2017

Why do I prefer for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies after using several other top exchanges? Will you watch this Bittrex tutorial from May 18, 2017 to find out? Continue learning with me at where I will soon have 100+ online video courses teaching all the skills I have learned for working online as a freelancer and entrepreneur.

First, what is Bittrex? is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform built and operated in the United States by crypto enthusiasts with extensive development and security background that has made it easy for me to buy and sell cryptos not available on Poloniex which is the #1 exchange in volume. Bittrex allows for exchanging all of the altcoins listed below with Bitcoin as well as ETH, USDT, and BITCNY markets. When I applied for enhanced account verification, in less than an hour Bittrex allowed me to withdraw as much as 100 BTC per day wheres Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Coinbase took anywhere from 12 hours to several days. Meanwhile, Poloniex almost a week later is still fooling around with my identify documents.

Bittrex also has an auto-sell feature which is perfect for miners and masternodes to instantly dump profits to Bitcoin. For making BTC withdrawals, Bittrex is the fastest I have used so far equal in speed with Bitstamp and Coinbase. Today I do the majority of my buying, selling, and trading on Bittrex because of what I shared here and what you see in the tutorial! View the full list of digital assets available to trade with Bitcoin below!

I hope that this blog post and the video have been useful for you. If you would like to learn more about cryptocurrency trading with Jerry Banfield, you might want to check out The University of Jerry Banfield, which has several courses on the subject.

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Now you have no excuse for not being started learning about cryptocurrencies and discover a new passion like I had.

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