New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website


Would you like to learn about a new cryptocurrency investing research website that I have started using after watching Jerry Banfield’s video about it because this might be useful for you?

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

If you think that researching coins to invest in is difficult and confusing, then you may want to read this post and also watch the video because there is a new website that will make it a lot easier.

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

In his YouTube video that you can watch at the end of this post, Jerry Banfield will tell you his impressions about Coinpaprika, a new free cryptocurrency investing research website with price charts, 1 year returns, and ICOs. has an awesome combination of just the right amount of data presented really well, and without annoying banner ads as we can see here, and without too much data where I’m getting lost and I can’t find the things I want to.

One of the best feature in Coinpaprika is the ability to sort coins using tags. You have functional and technical tags, so if you want to research “Segwit” coins, you can.

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

What I love about Coinpaprika, my favorite feature is the ability to go and sort by tags. Especially as I’ve wanted to research cryptocurrencies over the years, maybe if I’d had Coinpaprika, I might have made some better decisions with my investments and trades.

Tags are what convinced me that this cryptocurrency website is better than the others, but as Jerry continues his video, we discover that there are many more very useful features.

There is a very neat section where you can see which community is following which cryptocurrency and how many Twitter followers they have for example.

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

You might be able to pick some sleeper coins that have bigger communities than you would expect, or you might be able to spot some duds this way and say, “Wait a minute, this coin, how does it hardly has any followers? Why is the price so high? I might not want to have any of that.”

You can also favorite the coins that you want to follow on Coinpaprika and it makes it easier to see their progress without being distracted by the coins you are not interested in.

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

Favorites are really cool because if you just care about certain currencies in your own portfolio, for example let’s say you have got Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Binance Coin, now you can just see which ones you actually have.

Another awesome set of data that is very useful in Coinpaprika is the ATH price, which stands for All Time High.

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

Another tab that’s a lot of fun on this main interface is the “All Time High.” This will give you a look at where the price is today relative to the ATH, or All Time High process, price measured in USD.

There is also a section where you can research ICOs, you can see the active ones, those that are upcoming and those that ended.

New Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website

I have wanted to know how you could find ICOs before, and this is the cleanest interface I’ve found. It is cool because you can easily see the tags just on the default interface, you can see the number of days left to the received value, and then you can click on each individual page to get a lot more detail about it.

There are many other things that Jerry is showing us about Coinpaprika.

I recommend that you read Jerry’s post about Coinpaprika on his blog:

Or watch the video below that made me switch from another cryptocurrency website to

#1 Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website with Price Charts, 1 Year Returns, and ICOs?

#1 Free Cryptocurrency Investing Research Website with Price Charts, 1 Year Returns, and ICOs?

Published on Sept 26, 2018. is my new favorite cryptocurrency price chart website because with one year returns, ICOs listed easily, exchanges by volume, and no banner advertising, seeing the data I am looking for fast is easy. All of the top coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, BCH, Dash, Steem, and thousands more are listed with the ability to favorite to remove any cryptocurrencies where there is no interest in following the price.

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