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Dash is a cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy and high speed transactions. It is different from Bitcoin and the other altcoins because it offers the possibility to own a Dash Masternode, which pays you dividends. Unlike the other altcoins where you make money when the price increases and lose money when the price decreases, a Dash Masternode pays you dividends no matter what.

How to set up a Dash Masternode

Dash was introduced on 18 January 2014 and was formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin. It is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that offers instant and private transactions. Dash operates a decentralized governance and budgeting system where members have to vote on proposals, which can be created and introduced to the network by anyone.

Dash started three years ago with a value of $1 or $2 to an average of $7 or $10 in late 2016. Over the last two months, Dash’s value has skyrocketed from $11 to $75 per coin and it is the first spike in the history of this altcoin.

This surge in value is probably due to a combination of development news about Dash, especially its partnership with BlockPay, which enables point-of-sales payments of Dash, and speculative activity.

Dash value March 17

This unthinkable surge has brought Dash in the third position on the list of all cryptocurrencies by their market capitalization, the first one being Bitcoin and the second Ethereum. Monero, Ripple and Litecoin are now in fourth, fifth and sixth position respectively.

Dash market

Want to invest in Dash? Now is time to learn how to set up your Dash Masternode with Jerry Banfield.

Easy Dash Masternode Setup Tutorial

You have now decided to invest a thousand Dash and you want to set up your Dash Masternode. This can be something very challenging and intimidating if you haven’t seen someone doing it. Hopefully Jerry Banfield got you covered with his Dash Masternode setup tutorial.

Easy Dash Masternode Setup Tutorial and Hosting Shown from Start to Finish with Node40!

Published on Mar 10, 2017

How do I get my Dash Masternode enabled in my DashCore wallet the easy way using Node40 at http://jerry.tips/nde40 to host? See how to send the 1,000 Dash transaction, get the public key, paste the collateral proof into Node40 for hosting, and make payment using Dash or Stripe, which includes a credit when you use my link at http://jerry.tips/nde40.

After receiving great live support form Node40 owner Perry Woodin to move my last Masternode to a new wallet, see how I finish the process by editing the Masternode config file by finding masternode.conf and using the Atom text editor on Mac.

On Windows, you can use notepad or notepad++ to do the same thing. Watch as I copy and paste the code from Node40 to update the file and relaunch to find my Masternodes tab showing that my Masternode is missing.

This is the final step where I start missing as shown and now today I have already got my mining reward paid of 1.807 Dash worth $93.29 LESS THAN A WEEK after completing this process!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you will be able to set up your Dash Masternode successfully.

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