Do Not Become a Victim of Information Overload


Information Overload:

The main problem aspiring Internet marketers face is information overload. They come across some information on the Internet that promise them riches to be made on the Internet and they buy their first training course or magical press-button software. They then jump from one training course to the other, never really applying what they learn, never taking massive action due to“Information Overload”.

info overload

Most of the newbie marketers surf the Internet in search of a magic bullet, which does not exist, that they believe will put money in their bank account. There are lots of systems online, some work very well, others are catastrophes. There are also lots of good marketing training that works if the knowledge is applied.

I used to be a victim of information overload, reading lots of stuff that were for some true and useful information and for others just plainly fake information that does not produce the results I wanted. I was subscribed to lots of newsletters and bombarded with offers of new products. Until a time I decided what I really wanted to do and followed a mentor.

I was making money online at the time, but was not really focused on the one thing that will explode my business. I decided that the most important thing that I would have to learn is Traffic Generation as this can be applied to any online business model I choose to follow.

I am now concentrating on one business model, applying one traffic method after the other. I do much less work, and prioritize income producing activities.

Victim of Information Overload?

You are reading lots of information on marketing, watching lots of training videos, subscribing to many newsletters, buying lots of software, eBooks and still do not know where to start… or you have applied some of the knowledge you learned and can’t see any success coming your way… it is probably because you are a victim of information overload.

The first thing you have to do is to take a step back and see what you want to do on line and follow the right people. Many methods work if massive action is taken consistently. I see people making money online as affiliate marketers making niche sites, or Adsense sites. I see people having success selling their own products or services, or being in Network marketing.

Have you found something you would like to do without thinking of money in the first place? Have you found a mentor who is doing what you want to do, earning what you want to earn? If not, you have to start looking for a mentor and business model that suits you. Then you need to stick to it and apply yourself entirely to it forgetting all the other possibilities you see on a daily basis.

An excellent way is to join a mastermind group with a mentor and fellow marketers who have the same vision and goals you have. Concentrate on one thing and suppress information overload.

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