Do People Buy from People they Like?


Do People Buy from People They Like?

This is obvious that most people don’t buy from people they don’t like, but from people they like. Imagine yourself in a store wanting to buy an appliance for your home and being followed by an annoying and desperate sales person who can’t even inform you correctly about the product.

People buy from people they like, respect and trust.

A sales person with a nice personality, charisma and charm is more likable and has more chances to get the sale. But, nowadays having these qualities do not suffice.

A sales person needs also to be an expert on the products he sells. The time when a salesman could sell neckties, cars or televisions is of the past. Would you buy a television set with a sales person who is not knowledgable with every brand and model?

You are certainly more likely to respect and trust  someone who knows what he is talking about and can help you in your buying decision.

Do People Buy from People they Like?

Published on Apr 21, 2014 on Victor Antonio Youtube channel

Sales Tip -- Do People Buy from People They Like? If this were the case then selling would be a matter of personality not product. If you want to learn how to close a sale, then you need to go beyond charisma and charm. Selling is more than just finding people who like you to buy from you. It requires that you also position yourself as a sales expert and can be trusted.


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