Do you hate Mondays?


There are so many people who hate Mondays that Tuesday should be made the first day of the week. Monday is also known for the day with the most heart attacks. What does that mean to you?

For most people Monday means returning to a job after a well-deserved and enjoyable week-end. It is for sure a very stressful day for people who hate their job and those who work under pressure.

The lucky individuals who are doing a job they love are blessed. It is so much better to go to work with happiness and a purpose in life. If you are doing the work you have chosen and enjoy it you should be grateful. If it is not the case, what are you doing to change this?

All it takes is the strong desire to do something different, make a decision and take action. You may have in your mind an idea of what would be your ideal life. Maybe it is to open a small grocery store or raise sheep, I don’t know… but whatever it is you can achieve it.

Most of the time, what you are aiming for can be started part-time on your spare time. In any case, the plan and foundations can be set that way while you are still working at your job. Unhappy workers should all have a dream and a plan to get where they want to go.

Many people changed their situation because they had a dream, and now they can pursue their purpose in life. You do not want to have regrets later in life, do you? Make a decision and see where you could be a year from now…

Follow your dreams…

Have a nice Monday!

Michel Gerard

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