Do you really make money when you share Youtube videos?


A while back I wrote a blog post on UVioO and how you can make money when you share Youtube videos on FaceBook and other social media sites. I started as a free member for a couple of days and upgraded to the 10-day trial to really see the potential. Now that my trial period is nearly over, I am pleased to report that I am going to continue my Pro membership.

You can see in the screenshot above that I have made $14.05 in about 10 days, just in sharing a few videos on my FaceBook wall and a few other social media sites. If you see the details above, I have earned:

– $6.89 for sharing the videos
– $1.56 for people viewing the videos on UVioO
– $0.60 for 6 people registering as free members
– $5.00 for someone upgrading to the 10-day Pro free trial

I got the last $5 because I upgraded to the Pro membership.

Now you may say it’s not that much, and I agree with you. But what did I do during the 10 days? I shared Youtube videos mainly on FaceBook with only 300 friends. The videos did not get viral that much because of the few friends I have on FB. If I keep sharing videos for fun with UVioO instead of Youtube, my earning potential is multiplied per three, which is $42 per month.

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