Do you Want it Bad Enough to Realize your Dream?


Most people have dreams, but do not take action to realize them. They somehow think that they will get what they want or that the dream is too big to be reached anyway. The truth is that dreams do not come to reality with inaction. January is a time in the year where you can have a fresh start if you want it bad enough.

Do you want it bad enough?

Everyone has a different dream. It can be meeting the love of your life, going to college, buying a big house, living in another country or getting rich… In one period of your life you may have a dream and later in life another, collecting dreams and successes. The worse in life, I think, is to have not done what it takes to fulfill a dream… and get only regrets.

Some young people’s dream is to attend college, but because of a lack of money or scholarship, they can’t do so. One person may just give up on their dream while another would work two jobs to finance their studies. The latter want it bad enough to sacrifice his free-time, social life, entertainment time to work towards reaching the dream. They are commendable.

Some people have the dream to travel the world and here again the inactive person will be content watching documentaries about the country they want to visit and others will act. There are some people who left their career to do that, they had the courage to do so, and the experience have always enhanced their lives.

Most of the people on the planet want to be wealthy. What do they do? They play the lottery. In order to achieve this dream lots of personal work has to be done and you also need to find the vehicle that will help you reach the dream. One thing is certain you can’t become wealthy working for someone else.

I do not say that you should quit your job right away, but that you should have a plan and take action to progress toward your dream this year. I am in Network marketing and I see many people wanting to make a buck online and what they do is jump from one thing to another, not giving them a chance to see something happen. They join today and quit the next day!

Why don’t you want it bad enough?

This may be because you procrastinate and always think there will be a tomorrow to pursue the dream. Ask yourself this: Is it better to reach the dream next year or in ten years? If you wait too long, you may not be in a position to contemplate the dream anymore…

This may be because you are too comfortable financially and professionally and do not want to risk what you have for a dream you don’t believe you will be able to achieve. Sometimes it would just take a couple of hours working towards achieving your dream instead of sitting on the coach in front of the idiot box.

Make 2014 be the year you get closer to your dream.

Have a nice day!

Michel Gerard

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