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When I started online I didn’t know how to generate leads online free. I have spent time this year, not only to learn how to get leads with paid advertising, but also free advertising. In order to learn the different methods in lead generation, I have followed the teaching of mentors that have achieved the results I want to achieve.

This year, I have been able to build several lists for my online businesses and everyday I receive new subscription notifications.

These leads come from different free methods: blogging, safelists and email marketing.

Generate leads online free:

If you want to earn money on the Internet, you have to collect emails of people interested in what you do. I used to have Aweber, but I switched to GetResponse, because their auto-responder allows non latin characters like Chinese, Japanese or Thai. I built a list of nearly 3,000 people for my wife’s eCommerce shop, and all communication is in the Thai language.

In GetResponse, there is the option to turn ON or OFF notifications and it is good to have it ON when starting new lists. Not only it is very motivating to see them coming in your inbox, but you can also see if your marketing is working without the need to logging in GetResponse. For older lists, that’s better to turn the notifications OFF in order not to get too distracted.

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