Does Safelist Marketing Work?


Make safelist marketing work for you:

If you have signed-up to a couple of safelists, clicked links for credits once in a while and did not send your email message when it was due… it is certain that safelist marketing will never work for you. In order to get the results that you want with this type of marketing, you have to be consistent.

Each safelist has a different frequency for its credit mailer and the number of people you can email each time. It might be 1,200 emails every three days, or 6,000 emails everyday. You really need to be on schedule to make safelist marketing work and the difficulty is time and management.

In the first case, you will be able to send 12,000 emails per month while in the second case 180,000 emails per month, providing that you have the mailing credits available. If you miss a scheduled mailing, you are already cutting yourself short on the amount of emails you can send per month, the number of leads you may receive and the number of sales you would make.

Safelist marketing is like a number game, the more emails you send, the more people will see your site and the more results you will get. If your ad copy is good enough you will get around 3% of click-through rate:

12,000 emails per month x 3% CTR = 360 clicks

Now, if you get only 1% of people converting as a lead, it’s around 4 leads.

360 clicks x 1% con = 3.6 leads per month

You can see that 4 leads per month is not enough to call it a success.

Each safelist is different, some will bring more results than others. Assuming they all allow you to send 12,000 emails per month, which is the lower bracket, this is now what you can get with 10 safelists.

12,000 emails per month x 10 safelists = 120,000 emails per month. 120,000 emails x 3% CTR = 3,600 clicks

That’s now 3,600 visitors per month to your site using 10 safelists for FREE. Now, with 1% conversion you get 36 leads, and I bet you may start to see some interest in your offer.

3,600 clicks x 1% con = 36 leads per month

Obviously, if you miss your mailing schedule, don’t have the credits, you won’t be able to send these 120,000 emails and see the same results.

If you want to take advantage of this Free traffic method, you need tools to help you manage all your safelists effectively without wasting your time.

Safelist Marketing Tools

A. Directory of Safelist

DOF is a Free online tool that will help you to manage your safelist marketing better. At the time of writing there are 28 safelists listed with their information like the number of members, the mailing frequency, the credits you get at sign-up, price of OTOs, etc…

The owner of the site also explains his method for clicking for credits and managing all safelists. The system has a schedule feature, which will let you know which safelists are due for emailing.

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Now let’s see our numbers. With DOF you can manage 28 safelists. Based on the example of 12,000 emails per month we used earlier, you can send now 336,000 promotional email to the safelists’ members in a month.

12,000 emails per month x 28 safelists = 336,000 emails per month. 336,000 emails x 3% CTR = 10,080 clicks

That’s now 10,080 clicks or visitors to your site.

10,080 clicks x 1% con = 100 leads per month

I am certain that at this point, you are starting to see a few sales…


B. Safelist Genie

This tool is the Rolls-Royce of safelist marketing management.

Do you know how I discovered this fantastic tool?

I saw a Safelist Genie landing page while clicking for credits, got interested and registered for Free. This shows that safelist marketing works as everyone, even those only clicking for credits in order to earn credits and the ability to send their own offer to the list, will be interested in something at one point and it might be your offer next time.

Safelist Genie is a Windows software that you download on your computer and can try 15 days for free. This software can manage 150 safelists and I am sure you already can see the power in this. I have tested Safelist Genie this week-end and I am very pleased with it.

This is what it can do:

Safelist Marketing

Now, if we continue our calculation, you can use 150 safelists in Safelist Genie. Your 12,000 emails per month become:

12,000 emails per month x 150 safelists = 1,800,000 emails per month. 1,800,000 emails x 3% CTR = 54,000 clicks

You have now 54,000 clicks or visitors per month. FOR FREE!

54,000 clicks x 1% con = 540 leads per month

Can you see the power in this?

150 safelists seem like a lot, but Safelist Genie can help you manage all aspects of safelist marketing in around 1 hour per day.


I hope these tools will help you creating more traffic for your safelist marketing campaigns.

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