Does Your Association Have a Web Blog?


Web Blog for Associations:

Does your association have a web blog? Most of us have been members of non-profit associations such as sport, cultural or charity associations. How many of them have an online presence? Surely not every association have their own web blog to show what they are doing and recruit new members.

A long time ago when I was a teenager, I used to be in a film-making club. We didn’t have the Internet at the time, but a monthly newsletter with articles written by the club’s members. I was appointed with a couple of other friends to the creation of the newsletter and as I recall, it was typewritten…

Today, we have this wonderful communication thing called the Internet and an excellent tool called WordPress, which is an online software used for blogging or easily posting articles and pictures for the world to see. The web blog can also have a private section for members only if you desire so.

If you are in an association and there is no web blog for your group, let me tell you some of the advantages you could have:

1. A web blog can help your association grow as more people see what you are doing and want to join.

2. Some associations already have a website, but most of the time it is poorly designed and not optimized to get targeted traffic. Unless you have a member who is a professional web designer, a web blog will solve this issue.

3. If you have a printed newsletter, posting the articles and images on the web blog can help you reach a larger audience. A PDF file of the original newsletter can also be made available for download.

4. With a web blog you can build a list of subscribers interested in what you do in your association. As they sign-up to receive information by email, you can follow-up with them automatically and convert them in new members.

5. Your contact details as well as a Google Map to show your location can be inserted with ease.

6. The more content you have on the blog, the better it will be for your association. You may ask several members to write articles and provide photos that you can post on the web blog creating more authority. The amount of content you can have this way will earn you better rankings with search engines and more traffic.

7. Associations earn money through membership fees and there is always a need to make an additional income so more activities can be done, more equipment bought, or just the bills paid. A web blog can help here in generating some income selling the association’s products or affiliate products.

The Best Web Blog for Your Association

All the above looks good you may think. But, how do I set-up a web blog?

The answer is: You do NOT have to set-up a web blog.

Yes, that’s right! I didn’t set up the blog you are seeing below, I just started blogging…

ILN blog

And the best part is that this web blog is very inexpensive. It costs only $37 per month to get rolling with all the training in Internet Marketing to promote your association.

No technical challenges.

No need to buy hosting.

No need to deal with the data center.

The blog is always up and running!

If you are serious to make your association known, get more members and generate more income for your group, get yours now.

web blog

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