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Why you should not have your blog on

I see many bloggers who have developed very interesting blogs on the free They have months after months written posts with beautiful photos and developed a readership. They can share their blog posts with their friends on FaceBook or family. All is good for them and they are very proud of what they have achieved.

And then, one day they got a page like this:

That’s my page!

I just started this blog a week ago as an experiment to see its functionality and if I could get some traffic to it. All serious professional marketers say that it sucks and they are right…What have I done to get this page of death? I did not post any illegal stuff, I did not post hate speech or anything my grandmother won’t like to see.

It happens that I posted my Social Media feed, in order to have a place to share all the things I share about my business. And yes, I am an Internet marketer and I talk also about making money online… without false claims.

They don’t like that!

They don’t like successful people in the MLM, affiliate or Internet industry writing about their success and inspiring others. I should have known better and read their TOS, but that is no problem because this was just a little test. All my blogging is done on my own hosted WordPress on my server with my own domain name… and another paid blogging system.

My content is safe. What about yours?

Forget About

Using free stuff is good, but it is not a solution if you want to develop a personal or business blog. It may be gone after a while and all the content you have created lost. Doesn’t that scare you?

It is why I always advise anyone who wants to blog to use the hosted version of WordPress with their own domain like this one or a professional blogging platform like this one ILN. Your content will be safe and you will have the freedom to post whatever you like.

I highly recommend that you use the ILN Network blogging system especially if you are a beginner. You won’t have to buy hosting and install WordPress on your server and you won’t have to worry with all the updates. You just will have to blog! The same way you would except that with ILN you are on an authority domain that brings lots of traffic with much less efforts.

The cost per month to access this professional blogging system is very low, your content is safe.

Register Now

Let me know when you have registered and I will show you how to blog.

Forget about


Have a nice day!

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