Don’t Delay the Realization of your Dreams


Christopher Maloney's audition - Bette Midler's The Rose - The X Factor UK 2012

This shy man is the perfect example of why people do not realize their dreams and how they can if they decide so.

Christopher Maloney, 34, has waited five years to register for an audition with the X Factor UK 2012 and finally realized his dream.

Why has he waited so long?

-- lack of self-confidence
-- fear of being uncomfortable
-- listening to negative people
-- inability to make a decision

What did he do to realize his dream?

-- He made a decison to fill in his application form and sent it right away.
-- He listened to a supportive family member who put in him some confidence and he switched off negative comments from people.
-- He overcame his fear to sing in front of a large audience even though this has been the most frightening experience for him.

And his break-through happened as he realized his dream.

Not all of us want to be singers, but we all have dreams…

What are the reasons you are not working towards achieving your dream?

Are there the same reasons Christopher Maloney had?

Even scared, shaking, uncomfortable… he made it!

You can too.

Michel Gerard

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