Don’t Join a Pyramid Scam!


What’s a pyramid scam?

Aren’t you tired to fail at every Internet business deal you join? Well, it is maybe time to take a closer look at what you are doing wrong. The first thing to do is to make sure that the business opportunity you plan on joining is legitimate and not a pyramid scam.

A business opportunity which is based more in recruiting than in selling products is generally apyramid scam! An example of this would be a system named Matrix360 where you pay $10 to join, you recruit people to pay $10, they recruit people to pay the $10… and when you have enough to complete a level, you earn a certain amount from your recruits and your downline.

A business like this, if we can call this a busines… does not generally go far as the pyramid scam is shut down by authorities pretty quickly leaving you frustrated. Sometimes there is a fake or of little value product and it still rings a bell. The opposite is also true, if your company sells limonade at $100 a bottle, that’s probably a pyramid scam.

Pyramid Scam vs Multi Level Marketing

The difference between a pyramid scam and a Multi Level Marketing company is that the later has products of real value reasonably priced, which can be physical or digital. There is also a healthy balance between customers and affiliates or distributors in the company.

Amway, herbalife and the Internet Lifestyle Network are all great Multi Level Marketing companies. These three companies are in no way a pyramid scam.


If you are tired of your day job and want to earn serious money online, you should consider joining one of these. Your choice should go to the company you would happily buy and use the products. Amway and Herbalife are selling physical products and are more offline businesses, while the Internet Lifestyle  Network sells educational digital products online.

I personally chose to work with the Internet Lifestyle  Network because I love Internet Marketing and their high quality products, which I use. All marketing is done online without a single phone call and I can sell worldwide with no limitation. In addition, their compensation plan is one of the best in the industry.

In fact, if you already are in another Network company, you still can join the Internet Lifestyle  Network. Use the  blog, which is their basic product, to promote your primary business. Or you may prefer to join my team right now.

not a pyramid scam

I hope that this article have shown you what is a legitimate company and what is a pyramid scam.

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