How to Earn from $0 to $40 a day online in 2019?


Would you like to learn how to earn from $0 to $40 a day online because there is a possibility to just do that by using Jerry Banfield’s business system?

There are many ways that you can make money online, but for a lot of them you can prepare for a struggle.

In this blog post, I will write about what Jerry Banfield is suggesting to do to earn a daily income that may complement your first income and then you can grow from there.

How to Earn from $0 to $40 a day online in 2019?

In today’s video Jerry explains how we can go from zero dollars online in 2018 to $40 or more in 2019 by using his business system that he has laid for us to make it simple for everyone.

After seven years of working full time online for myself, I’ve got a platform that makes everything you want to do online to build a business as easy as anything I’ve ever seen, gives you an unbelievable amount of resources to do it and explains exactly how to get started.

How to Earn from $0 to $40 a day online in 2019?

After several years working online, Jerry has been very successful at making online courses and selling them on Udemy, Skillshare and his University of Jerry Banfield.

He explains in the video that he has now a business system that gives you the ability to sell video courses easier than it has ever been before because most online course creators have their courses on different platforms, have other profiles for freelancing and their own self-hosted platform.

The main limitation I see is the fragmentation. Almost everyone’s stuff including mine has been all over the place. You have got a Fiverr profile, Upwork profile, Udemy profile, a Skillshare profile, and 500 other profiles you use. You have got your own email marketing and your own self-hosting.

There is a solution to concentrate all of this in one place, which is

The idea is that we all build our businesses together on the same platform, then all of our collective efforts benefit each other.

When I do a great job advertising and promoting my courses, you end up getting some sales as a result of that. When you do a great job promoting your freelancing services, people come to buy my courses.

Jerry then explains that in order to collaborate on this same platform there is a Uthena partner program, which was formerly named “Jerry Banfield partners.”

How to Earn from $0 to $40 a day online in 2019?

As a member of Jerry’s partner program for Uthena, you can upload video courses, free offers and services all on one spot.

There is also an impressive list of benefits to help you in your business like over 3,000 videos from Jerry’s video library that you can use to make a free offer for example and build a mailing list, which is included in Uthena.

Unlike other teaching platforms, with Uthena you are in control of your pricing and you can collect your students’ emails for email marketing. You can create free offers, bundles, memberships and you can also offer your services like you would do on Fiverr for example.

Jerry stresses the importance of grouping everything in one place and collaborating.

The key is if you want to make money online, you have got to work smarter together. Almost all of the things we see that make the most money in the world are the function of very effective collaborations between large numbers of people or small groups of people collaborating very effectively.

On Uthena, not only you can sell your own courses, but you can also be an affiliate and sell other instructors’ courses, bundles and services for a 20% commission. Not only that, but other Uthena members can sell your courses for the same commission.

It’s a win-win situation and I lost no time uploading my 4 courses on Uthena.

How to Earn from $0 to $40 a day online in 2019?

As you can see, I not only write a post about Jerry’s video and his wonderful opportunity, but I acted on it.

Will you take the time to watch the video below because you will learn in more detail about what you can do with this business system?



Published on Feb 6, 2019.

Do you want to start and build a business online that earns consistent income every day in 2019? At you may find the best way to go from $0 to $40 a day online as a freelancer, instructor, and affiliate with our Uthena partner program where we enjoy Private Label Rights (PLR) to over 3000 videos making 100+ courses,and more…

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