Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!


Would you like to learn about a platform where you can earn an income as a local offering experiences to travelers or other locals because if you have something special you can teach or that others can experience, then this will be useful for you?

Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!

The platform is Airbnb and it is mainly used to book rooms, apartments and houses directly from hosts when you are traveling. Instead of staying at a Hotel, you can locate a place to stay where there might not be Hotels around, rent a bigger place for your family and also save on costs.

I have personally looked into Airbnb last month for our next trip to Japan and Korea in April, and we booked apartments and houses in the different cities we planned to go. It is when I noticed that Airbnb also had Experiences you can book like having your photo taken in a kimono, learning Japanese calligraphy or how to make Sushi.

Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!

In today’s video Jerry explains how to create your own experiences on Airbnb and potentially earn revenue that way if you have something special you can offer to travelers or locals. You don’t have to make a website, you don’t have to create a Facebook page and pay for ads, you just have to create your “Experience” on Airbnb, get it approved and it will show up on their website.

Jerry Banfield has made a course on Skillshare that will explain to you how to do it step by step that I invite you to have a look at here: https://skl.sh/2C5OCwR

Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!

About This Class

Imagine having the job of your dreams doing what you love and sharing that with those interested in the experience!  Airbnb experiences empowers any of us to become an entrepreneur online by hosting events for business, art, health, entertainment, and nearly anything else we love.

In the video, Jerry gives an example of an Airbnb Experience that has been created by Tomas George.

Tomas is a musician and makes electronic music in his own studio.

This is his “Experience.”

Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!

As a musician with his own studio, Tomas can offer this kind of workshop on Airbnb and I have no doubt that people will like it.

What’s amazing with Airbnb Experiences is that we can turn any talent we may have had difficulty to monetize locally into money.

Jerry then shows us another example of an Airbnb Experience.

Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!

This experience is located in Vancouver, Canada, and it can be a good opportunity for someone to learn how to create a YouTube channel.

Auret and Jewel have earned hundreds of dollars with that “Experience” and participants gave them good reviews, which is important to keep your “Experience” on Airbnb active.

Exciting Online Earning Potential on Airbnb with Experiences!

According to Jerry, if your rating falls below 4.7, then your Experience is filtered out and this makes it essential to have one that people love. You just can’t have low quality offers that you quickly put together on Airbnb.

Finally, Jerry advises us to make an Airbnb experience for something we are very skilled at and that is absolutely amazing.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Airbnb Experiences Offer Exciting Online Earning Potential for Locals!

Published on Dec 28, 2018.

Offering experiences on Airbnb is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn money online while staying local! Take the full course on Skillshare at https://skl.sh/2C5OCwR named Experience Creation: Host Events for Business, Art, Health, and Entertainment!

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If you would like to join the Jerry Banfield’s partner program like Tomas, Auret and Jewel who were featured in the video and this blog post, go to https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/

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